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Online Lottery Rules

Each national, state and even online lottery may have its own rules, which are usually published on their websites.

Lottery Summary

Since their first appearance, lotteries have been, and still are one of the most popular gambling activities for the greatest number of people in the world over. Government-supervised lotteries and/or privately run lotteries are conducted today in dozens of countries around the world, as well as online. These lotteries vary in methods of determining winners, lottery ticket prices and amounts of prize awards but essentially they all consist of the chance selection of lottery tickets or numbers, or the prediction and selection of results of sporting events (that is why you can use our tips and tricks for all of them).

For those not familiar with the various types of lottery games, there are 4 basic game structures:


In this style of lottery a set of numbers (usually 6) is selected by or on behalf of the player from a field of numbers which typically ranges from 38 to 60. The lottery winning numbers are drawn either once or twice weekly and if your numbers match all of the winning numbers, you win the jackpot. Secondary prizes are awarded for matching some of the numbers correctly depending on the prize structure of the individual lottery games. The optimum number field to give you the best combination of odds and size of jackpots is between 42 and 49.

Draw lotteries

These are lotteries, in which you purchase tickets with pre-selected numbers and are drawn only at certain dates of the year. As with lotto you win the grand prize if your ticket numbers match the winning numbers drawn or secondary prizes for a partial match, however you have no control over the numbers on your lottery ticket(s).

Instant lotteries

With instant lottery tickets you find out immediately if and how much you have won by scratching a protective security seal off of the ticket revealing the lottery prize amount.


This is a game similar to lotto, however you can chose from 4 to 10 numbers out of a field of 70 and 20 winning numbers are selected. The more numbers you play (between 4 and 10) the larger the prizes you can win but the odds also increase. Conversely, by playing less numbers you can increase your odds however the lottery prize amounts are smaller.

Lottery Rules Variations:

Texas Lottery section covers major lottery games played in Texas

Lotto 6/49, a national lottery game of Canada, is the most popular lottery game with Canadians.

Florida Lotto tickets can be purchased inside the state of Florida from one of more than 11,000 fine lottery retailers.

Powerball Lottery is a multi-state lottery game with large jackpots. The lottery operates in 27 states, Washington D.C. and the US Virgin Islands.

Mega Millions is a multi-state lottery game with large jackpots available in nine US states.

CA lotto is the most common expression for the lottery games, which operates in California.

Super 7 / Super Seven is a national lottery of Canada like Lotto 6/49.

Ontario Lottery offers players a vide range of lottery games including Daily Keno, Lottario, Ontario 49, Pick 3, Winner Take All etc.